Defense Verdict Following Intersection Collision

Defense Verdict Following Intersection Collision

Following a 5 day jury trial, Bjorn Green recently obtained a 12-0 defense verdict in a personal injury case arising out of an automobile collision. Plaintiff Soon Lee was an 82 year-old passenger in a van being driven home from a senior day care center which collided with our client’s car in a Lakewood intersection, reportedly resulting in multiple injuries to Lee, including 3 broken ribs. After the accident, Lee was reportedly bedridden and couldn’t sit up to eat or drink for more than a month, and she claimed that the collision was a life-altering event which had left her dependent on a walker.

We argued that our client was not at fault for the accident and that Lee’s injuries were far less severe than claimed. Evidence was presented showing that the other driver had given contradictory versions of the accident, and Lee’s family was impeached with both pre- and post-accident medical records which were inconsistent with their claims regarding the state of her health.

Prior to the trial, the defense served a CCP Section 998 offer for $5,001, which was rejected. Lee asked the jury to award $540,000 in past damages and unspecified future damages. After brief deliberation, the jury rendered a unanimous defense verdict for our client and awarded Lee $10,000 to be paid by the other defendant.

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