Trial Highlights

Arshad v. Colonial Penn

Bad faith claim following Oakland Hills fire which totally destroyed plaintiffs’ hillside residence. Plaintiffs were paid $320,000 but after discovering that plaintiffs had lied about their living expense claim, defendant denied further payments. Demand $1,098,000 in repair costs plus “millions” in punitive damages, plus $185,000 on contents, plus $432,000 for six years loss of use. … Continue reading Arshad v. Colonial Penn

Barnett v. Safeco

Heavy rains entered the home of Richard and Paula Barnett as a result of defective roof construction and surface water against the home. First National paid $33,000 on the claim but the insured sued for breach of contract and bad faith, claiming that at least $70,000 was due for the damages to the home, that … Continue reading Barnett v. Safeco

Bubonic v. Safeco

Plaintiffs Thomas and Mary Ann Bubonic claimed that while they were staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Rancho Mirage, jewelry with a value of over $300,000 was stolen from them. Their insurer, Safeco, denied the claim based upon their lack of cooperation and based upon Safeco’s conclusion that the theft simply did not occur. … Continue reading Bubonic v. Safeco

DeArmond v. Shanfeld

Lawsuit for retaliatory eviction, violation of Rent Stabilization Ordinance and negligence seeking damages for emotional distress, attorneys fees and punitive damages. Plaintiff contended that defendants unlawfully attempted to evict her and improperly sued for unlawful detainer under a pretext, all for the purposes of raising the rents in violation of the Rent Stabilization Act. Defendants … Continue reading DeArmond v. Shanfeld

Defense Verdict Following Intersection Collision

Following a 5 day jury trial, Bjorn Green recently obtained a 12-0 defense verdict in a personal injury case arising out of an automobile collision. Plaintiff Soon Lee was an 82 year-old passenger in a van being driven home from a senior day care center which collided with our client’s car in a Lakewood intersection, … Continue reading Defense Verdict Following Intersection Collision

Defense Verdict on Admitted Liability

We are pleased to congratulate Tim Lippert on his defense verdict in Johnson v. Morales, an admitted liability car accident case, following a 5-day jury trial in Van Nuys. Our client, Yannett Morales, made an unsafe lane change and struck plaintiff’s pick-up truck. Plaintiff, 69, had a prior cervical spine fusion and multiple prior knee … Continue reading Defense Verdict on Admitted Liability

Dunham v. 20th Century

Insurance bad faith case where plaintiffs sued their insurer under various theories, claiming that they were owed an additional $140,000 for earthquake damages, despite the fact that the carrier had already paid $630,000. We cross-complained against the insureds, contending that they had made material misrepresentations and submitted some fraudulent receipts in the course of presenting … Continue reading Dunham v. 20th Century

Handley v. Springdale West Apartments

Plaintiff, a 31-year-old African American tenant at the Springdale West Apartments, claimed that he was attacked by defendant’s security guards and repeatedly subjected to pepper spray, baton strikes and choke holds. After receiving emergency medical treatment at St. Mary’s hospital, plaintiff was charged with battery and spent six days in jail. Thereafter, the charges were … Continue reading Handley v. Springdale West Apartments


San Francisco managing partner John Brydon obtained a unanimous defense verdict for Demler client Pneumo Abex in an asbestos wrongful death mesothelioma case tried in Seattle, Washington. New York-based national asbestos plaintiff firm Karst & Von Oiste name partner, Douglas von Oiste, asked the King County jury to return a verdict in excess of $2.5 … Continue reading JOHN BRYDON RECEIVES UNANIMOUS DEFENSE VERDICT IN MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR MESOTHELIOMA TRIAL IN SEATTLE WASHINGTON

Jury Finds No Discrimination

Partner Jim Lemieux completed a 3 week jury trial involving a tenant, Ruth Alvizures, who claimed she was being wrongfully evicted by her landlord, Molly Johnson, on religious discrimination grounds and, specifically, in retaliation for the tenant’s refusal to attend bible study meetings at the onsite managers’ apartment. Both Alvizures and her neighbor claim they … Continue reading Jury Finds No Discrimination

Khawaja v. Toyota Motor Sales

Plaintiff Hussain Khawaja purchased a new 2005 Lexus from Lexus of Westminister and, after driving it about 3,000 miles, complained to the dealer of rattling noises from the dashboard and driver’s door. Repairs were performed on several occasions over the next several months and plaintiff filed suit against Lexus, asking that they repurchase the vehicle. … Continue reading Khawaja v. Toyota Motor Sales

Lampert v. Evanston Insurance Company

Federal court lawsuit for insurance bad faith. Plaintiff was an attorney who obtained an errors and omissions policy with the defendant and later sought a defense and indemnity against a claim by the Lutheran Synod Foundation for the alleged conversion of $1.9 million from an estate which the insured was hired to administer. Coverage counsel … Continue reading Lampert v. Evanston Insurance Company

Martinez v. Willamette Industries

Personal injury lawsuit wherein plaintiff claimed over $200,000 in present and future medical expenses for multi-level lumbar surgery and fusion following a commercial truck rollover on the I-5 Freeway near Castaic. Plaintiff contended that the defendant improperly loaded waxed produce boxes in his flatbed trailer, causing the trailer and cab to flip over when the … Continue reading Martinez v. Willamette Industries

Marzbetuny v. Safeco

This was a case of insurance bad faith resulting from a claim for earthquake damages following the Northridge earthquake. Safeco determined that the damage to the dwelling was below the plaintiff’s $35,000 deductible but plaintiff’s expert claimed that there was major hidden damage to the home caused primarily by the movement of a 30 ton … Continue reading Marzbetuny v. Safeco

Multi-Million Dollar Excess Judgment Avoided

On August 30, after just over an hour of deliberations, a Riverside jury returned a 12-0 defense verdict on all 6 special verdict questions they were asked to resolve (we needed to go 6-for-6)! The trial was handled by partners James Lemieux and David Ring. This was an auto vs pedestrian accident where the plaintiff’s … Continue reading Multi-Million Dollar Excess Judgment Avoided

Niguel Summit v. Zanderson

The owner of a Laguna Niguel apartment complex sued the general contractor and its subcontractors, alleging various construction defects and associated damages. Our client, the drywall subcontractor for the project, was accused of creating structural and fireproofing deficiencies in the project, and was sued for negligence, breach of express and implied warranty, breach of contract … Continue reading Niguel Summit v. Zanderson

Paragon v. Weber-Madgwick

Following a flood at a condominium project which caused over $2 million in damages, developer Paragon and its insurer, North American Specialty Insurance Company sued defendant Weber-Madgwick for contractual indemnity and subrogation, claiming that the defendant’s grading operations on the project created an artificial dam which flooded after being filled with rain water.Weber-Madgwick contended that … Continue reading Paragon v. Weber-Madgwick

Reynolds Seafood v. Matlow Kennedy

Lawsuit against a commercial realtor for breach of contract and fiduciary relationship wherein plaintiff claimed that his real estate broker negligently failed to investigate whether the City of Long Beach would allow him to operate a seafood processing business before the lease was signed. Plaintiff claimed a total of $8,600,000 in damages for lost profits, … Continue reading Reynolds Seafood v. Matlow Kennedy

Sun v. Winter

Assault and battery claim arising out of a “gang fight” between two groups of high school students. Plaintiff sued the parents of his assailants, claiming they were vicariously liable per Civil Code section 1714.1 and Education Code section 48904. He claimed a permanent brain injury and severe memory deficits. Defendants argued that there was no … Continue reading Sun v. Winter

Wigfall v. R. K. Properties

Plaintiff rented an apartment in defendant’s apartment complex. During an altercation she was pushed or fell through a floor to ceiling window on the second floor, rendering her paraplegic. Plaintiff contended that the window should have been protected with safety glass or protective bars and said she had complained about the flimsy window before her … Continue reading Wigfall v. R. K. Properties

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